Jamming Through Blocks and Traumas: Inga Muscio Returns to the Literary Kitchen

Blocks and Traumas: Jamming Through, Moving On and Getting Back into Your Groove

8-week Summer Class with Inga Muscio

Class starts June 1 & runs through July 30…

Dealing with a happy life-changing event (birth, graduation, marriage, falling in love) can be just as unsettling to your life as a sad one (death, depression, violence, a break up). I designed this class because whenever one life’s little jackass interruptions comes my way, I had a tendency to reel and freak out, thus taking me even further away from whatever centering and productive creative project I am working on. I came to realize that life’s little jackass interruptions are not the problem. The problem was my way of dealing. So I developed a system to keep my creative patterns intact, no matter what.

Most people do not think happy events are problematic, but they are. Anything that significantly alters Life As You Knew It creates upheaval, and upheaval does not generally serve creativity. That is, it does once the dust settles, but how can you facilitate the dust settling? This class will help you figure that one out.

Negative events obviously impact your creative flow, as do emotional blocks. Writing is a great way to get back into stride and move through the sadness, grief or depression, but when it takes a pile driver to get you out of bed, writing seems an a faraway dream from pixie-dust lands.

This class isn’t just for writers. Whether you’re working on a long-term writing project or haven’t written since your book report days, we’re gonna work out a system to help you get back, and stay in, a nice groove.

Class size is strictly limited, so please sign up early!

Class cost: $275

$75 deposit saves your spot 

Inga Muscio is the author of Rose: Love in Violent Times, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil, and Cunt: A Declaration of Independence.

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