Writing Our Landscape: Body and Place with Jenny Forrester

Writing Our Landscape: Body and Place

8-week Online Class Starts February 17th

Taught by Narrow River, Wide Sky Author Jenny Forrester

We are all of us surviving chaotic times—and when are times not chaotic? We have to eat and fight the war against fascism. We have to sleep and sign petitions and march. We have to make some kind of home in particular landscapes within particular bodies. It’s all so precious, extraordinary, and important – these small victories and massive defeats and places we’ve left and places we’re headed whether we’re talking about this apartment or that plot of land or something is happening to our bodies and so we have to move into all kinds of change away from what was once comfortable or at least, less painful. Let’s write this landscape together of water glittering and nuclear suns and fear and grief and beauty in spite of, and because of, everything. Let’s write the war within and without. Let’s see what we can save and especially let’s write to save ourselves.
Cost for the 8-week course is $295
A $95 deposit saves your spot
You can sign up right here:

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