Zine Workshop with Marya Errin Jones

Dive into Zines with Marya Errin Jones

8-week online course starts January 8th

The Literary Kitchen is over the moon to announce this new writing & publishing workshop with ABQ Zine Fest founder Marya Errin Jones. Class size is extremely limited, so please sign up early.

Zines have been part of modern literary history from the raucous pamphleteers who helped shape the American and French Revolutions to the Punk and Riot Grrl movements of the 70s and 80s and 90s. Now, zines are becoming personal, visual essays that help writers dig into the events of their lives. With writer and zinester Marya Errin Jones, dive into the tactile, cut-and-paste land of zine-making to connect to your own memories, philosophies, images and personal histories that shape your work and your world.

Along with writing assignments and zine page building, the course will include the following topics:
• An Abridged History of the Pamphleteers
• Dada is Zine Spelled Backwards: How surrealists made zine culture possible
• The Zine Body Politic: Making Zines in War Time
• Zine Dream: turning your memories into visual art
• Distill and Display: Zine language and thought sauce reduction
• So, I put a staple in it? The how and the why of printing and zine formatting
• Nothing lasts forever: How to archive your zines
• Time to go outside: The social art of zine festivals

The cost of this 8-week Zine Workshop is $295. A $95 deposit saves your spot. You can pay the deposit right here:

If you’d rather get the full tuition out of the way, you can pay it right here:

Marya Errin Jones is a writer/performer/musician, and founder of ABQ Zine Fest, now in its 7th year. Marya’s zines can be found in the zine collections of Barnard College, University of Iowa, London College of Communications and Tate Modern. She is a founder and lead curator at The Tannex, an independent, DIY, safer space performance venue in Albuquerque. Marya interned at the Hirschhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden at the Smithsonian Institution, was the recipient of a Jim Henson Seed Grant. She was awarded the inaugural Fulcrum Fund Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, NYC for the creation of zines as an art form. Marya is curating a zine collection at Central Features, a modern art gallery in Albuquerque for their exhibition, Boundless. Marya will bring zines to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as part of an innovative creative team participating in “Make the Brest Pump Not Suck Hackathon 2.0” at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.